The RPO performing in Cadogan Hall

Photo: Andy Paradise

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Vision

The RPO aspires to:

  • be an orchestra for the modern world, unafraid to push boundaries;
  • place orchestral music at the heart of contemporary society, deepening engagement with communities and creative partners;
  • be a respected cultural ambassador locally, nationally and internationally.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Mission

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s mission is to enrich lives through orchestral experiences that are uncompromising in their excellence and inclusive in their appeal.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Values

  • Excellence – we strive to achieve ambitious goals across every aspect of our organisation
  • Collaboration – in partnership, we achieve more together
  • Inclusivity – great orchestral experiences must be accessible to all
  • Resilience – our versatility is key to our success
  • Responsibility – the talents of our musicians and staff must be used for the benefit of everyone
  • Passion – the driving force within the RPO
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