During the tournament period, the RPO and Sound Voice curated a series of panels across all ten host cities exploring the ways in which the worlds of music and sport intersect. 34 experts, covering a wide range of expertise and experience in both fields, participated in the series. They discussed topics including sports psychology, women’s history and the role of sport and music in community wellbeing, bringing to light many of the similarities and opportunities for both sectors. Panel events also included live performances and demonstrations by RPO musicians, local performing artists and athletes, reaching a diverse audience via livestream and in person events.

Watch recordings of the panel events and interact in the video comments below.

Sheffield: Why do we engage with culture in different ways?

Why do some of us love classical music and some love football? Why do some people express themselves on the football pitch, and others in a rock band? What makes us feel like we belong in music and sport? Whose ‘culture’ is it anyway? Why do we differentiate? Looking at how anthems connect music and sport.

Including a performance of 'STEEL the Show', Sheffield’s WEURO Anthem created in collaboration between the RPO and local residents, performed by the RPO Quintet.

Hosted by Rivca Burns Creative Producer and Director of Sounds from the Other City
Charlotte Harding Composer, Orchestrator and Saxophonist
Professor John Pymm Director of Development and Diversity at Sheffield Hallam University
Professor Jean Williams Professor of Sport
RPO Quintet

Trafford: What happens when people come together for the spectacle of music and sport?

Experts in sport, music and ceremony explore what happens when we gather together to enjoy large-scale events. Why do we gather? Do we engage differently if something is live? How do crowds or audiences affect performance?

Hosted by Esther Lisk-Carew Heritage Lead at The World Re-Imagined
Dr Michelle Phillips Senior Lecturer in Music Psychology, Royal Northern College of Music
Sali-Wyn Ryan RPO Second Violin
SAF-S2E Manchester based poet and member of Young Identity
Rocky Smith Live Action Director, Mass-movement Choreographer and Chartist specialising in Opening & Closing Ceremonies for Large Scale Sporting & Stadium Events

Southampton: How are music, the arts and sports being used to support health and wellbeing in our communities?

Experts in sport, music, health and wellbeing explore how society is using music and sport to support communities with ill health. From stroke survivors to people with disabilities, hear from a range of people using these two fields to improve quality of life and wellness for all people.

Hosted by Tim Steiner, Collaborative Music Facilitator, Presenter and Artistic Director of STROKESTRA®
Emma Golby-Kirk Programme Manager with Energise Me
Ismaeel Imran Area Elites
Christine Ngo Souhe Cultural Kidz
Abdou Sanneh poet and performance artist
Lisa Rodio Director of Community and Education for Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Carol Hargreaves Former Operations Director for Hull & East Riding Stroke Services

Manchester: How do sportspeople and musicians demonstrate determination and drive in the face of adversity?

To celebrate the UEFA Women's EURO 2022 tournament, experts in sport, music and psychology explore the role resilience and overcoming adversity plays in music and sport. Hear from former elite sportspeople and musicians to discover how they have overcome debilitating injuries to continue in their fields. What challenges have you overcome? How do you stay motivated after a setback? How has music and sport played a role in your lives?

Hosted by Jane Beese, Director of Music at Manchester International Festival

Dr Thomas Moors NHS doctor and Director at Shout at Cancer charity and arts project Sound Voice
Shiraz Arif Manchester-based bodybuilder
Olivia Lee / Freequency3 Manchester rapper and former trampolinist/dancer

Brent: How giving local people access to high profile sports/arts projects and venues can be beneficial for communities

Leading figures take a look at how sporting and music institutions are working in local communities. Who are some of the organisations and people taking music and sport into our communities? How does access to high profile arts/sports projects and venues benefit local communities… and vice versa? Why is it important to bridge connections between grass roots and big institutions?

Hosted by Dr Mandeep Rai, Author of The Values Compass
Fatima Hussein UEFA Grassroots Award for Inspirational Leader
Sigrún Sævarsdóttir-Griffiths Founder of MetamorPhonics
Zerritha Brown Culture Lead for Brent

Brighton: The History of Women in Football and Music

Take a look back through the history of women in football and music with experts and trailblazers from both sectors. What challenges did women face? What have they achieved? What does the future hold?

Hosted by Dr Mandeep Rai, Author of The Values Compass
Rose Reilly Former Scottish Women’s Association and ACF Milan Footballer
Shirley J. Thompson OBE Composer
Professor Jean Williams Professor of Sport

Rotherham: Stories from inspiring women leaders in sport and the arts

To celebrate the UEFA Women's EURO 2022 tournament and the Women of the World Festival, inspiring women in sport and music discuss their amazing accomplishments, what it took to get where they are, and their hopes for the future of each sector. How are women in leadership positions approaching their work? What changes have happened, and what changes do we still need to make?

Hosted by Shanaz Gulzar, Visual Artist and Chair of Bradford City of Culture Bid
Val Hoyle Founder of Rotherham United Football Club
JJ Roble Football Referee
Helen Harrison Conductor

Hounslow: Role models

Role models from the worlds of football and music explore who they are, why we look up to them, and why it's more important than ever to have diverse professionals to look up to in each sector. Who do young people look up to in music and sport? Why is it important to have role models from all backgrounds?

Hosted by Aga Serugo-Lugo, clarinettist, saxophonist and singer
Katie Chapman Former England and Chelsea footballer
Preeti Shetty Director of Brentford Football Club
Gwenneth-Ann Rand Soprano

Milton Keynes: What does the future hold?

Big ideas will help us collectively overcome the challenges in our future. A conversation exploring sustainability, technology, and how we move forwards together. How do we future proof our music and sporting industries? What opportunities does technology offer us? What have we learnt during the pandemic about the way we engage with music and sport?

Hosted by Katherine Wilde, Creative Producer at Sound Voice
Idle Women
Lindy and Mark O'Hare Thorington Theatre

About this project

This project is funded using public funding from Arts Council England, with contributions from The Football Association and tournament Host Cities. The programme has been designed with Artistic Director Hannah Conway, with workshops and events delivered by musicians and leaders from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and host cities.

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