Introducing STROKESTRA® at Home

Based on one of our flagship community programmes, STROKESTRA®, designed with the fantastic Hull & East Riding Community Stroke Services and City Health Care Partnership to support recovery for stroke survivors and their families, STROKESTRA® at Home videos feature a range of gentle musical activities to help keep you active and entertained from the comfort of your own home.

Watch the STROKESTRA® at Home series here, or find them on our YouTube playlist.


1. Marching

2. Conducting Violin

3. Conducting Trombone

4. Introduction to Home Drum Kit  

5. Kitchen Drum Kit Jamming Session 1

6a. Active Listening: Shostakovich’s Festive Overture

6b. Mindful Listening Shostakovich

7. Kitchen Drum Kit Jamming Session 2

8a. Active Listening: Dvořák’s Symphony No.9 - Largo

8b. Active Listening: Dvořák

9. Singalong: Show Me the Way to Go Home

10. Introducing: Roberto Sorrentino, cello

11. Singalong: House of the Rising Sun

12. Kitchen Drum Kit: Godfather Waltz

13. Marching: Session 2

Watch our STROKESTRA video

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