Credits: Charlie Hedley, Florence Royer, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

For 30 years, RPO Resound has been at the forefront of using music-making to enrich the lives of people in communities across the UK and internationally.

Whether we’re working in primary schools, prisons, universities, healthcare settings or bringing people into our concert venues for the very first time, we believe music is for everyone and integral to happy, healthy and connected communities.

Here are just some of RPO Resound’s achievements in 2022:

  • 105 bespoke projects delivered
  • 456 creative sessions
  • Worked with 5,849 participants
  • Collaborated with 138 partners

And that’s just one year… Imagine how many people we will reach in the next thirty years!

Established in 1993, the RPO’s community and education initiative was the first orchestral programme of its kind in the UK, unique in using the Orchestra’s own highly skilled and versatile musicians alongside knowledgeable and creative project leaders to deliver transformative projects. Over the three decades that have followed, the programme has continued to forge ahead as a groundbreaker in the field, always producing remarkable results.

RPO musicians participate in specialist training and the rewarding work they undertake through RPO Resound transforms not just the lives of the participants they meet but also enhances the skills and job satisfaction of the members. The Orchestra’s musicians are at the heart of everything RPO Resound does and over 95% of the Orchestra’s members are regularly active in our community and education programme.

‘The impact RPO Resound has on both participants and RPO musicians is extraordinary. It’s always a privilege to be part of projects that bring happiness to others, break down barriers, and result in brilliant music making! Sometimes the simplest interaction between an RPO musician and participant can be the most moving musical moment. The freedom to be creative away from the formalities of the concert platform, combined with the undeniably positive results we witness, makes RPO Resound a truly rewarding experience for everybody.’
Sali-Wyn Ryan, RPO Second Violin

Versatility and a willingness to explore new opportunities are RPO Resound’s biggest strengths, creating revolutionary strands of activity that are tailored specifically for the different participant groups and settings. Our award-winning STROKESTRA® programme has used evidence-based practice to produce impactful results and make a tangible difference to the lives of stroke survivors and their families. RPO Resound has a long-standing relationship with the London Borough of Brent (London’s most diverse borough), where is it embedded within the community and committed to developing young people who are passionate about making music in any genre or style, or interested in exploring new career pathways within the music sector. For The Football Association and as part of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Cultural Programme, the Orchestra engaged with fans and local residents across the UK in a series of musical opportunities that celebrated the history, ethos and future of women’s football, reaching more than 100,000 people. With children’s mental health charity Place2Be, RPO Resound created a mindful listening resource pack, combining music and art to create happy, healthy and connected young people. This in turn led to one of the listening activities being commissioned for inclusion in the Turn It Up: The Power of Music exhibition at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester.

‘Watching your musicians and having the opportunity to work with them gives them inspiration and demonstrates what they should strive for. It was a privilege for us to welcome you all into our school... The children were valued and shown the greatest respect. I really cannot thank you enough for the memories you have given the children and myself.’
School music teacher

These are just a few of the ways that the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra works with communities across the UK. There’s so much more to explore. Please join us throughout 2023 as we profile some of our other areas of work and capture insights from some of those who have benefitted from RPO Resound.

Crucially, access to RPO Resound is free for participants, but every project requires funding, and we are extremely grateful to the many Trusts and Foundations, corporates and individuals who have supported our work over the last 30 years. If you think you could be interested in supporting RPO Resound, please get in touch.

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