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Sounds and Stadiums panel: Resilience and Grit - How do sportspeople and musicians demonstrate determination and drive in the face of adversity?

Sunday 10 July 2022, 11.00am
HOME Manchester

Part of a panel series exploring intersections between Music and Sport with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Olivia Lee AKA Freequency3, Creative, Activist and Project Manager from Manchester
Dr Thomas Moors Shout at Cancer and Sound Voice

Other guests TBA

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Join speakers from the world of football and music to explore the various ways we engage with sport and culture. Why do some of us love classical music and others football? How do they compare and what do they have in common?

To celebrate the UEFA Women's EURO 2022 tournament, join experts in sport, music and psychology to explore the role resilience and overcoming adversity plays in music and sport. Hear from former elite sportspeople and musicians to discover how they have overcome debilitating injuries to continue in their fields. What challenges have you overcome? How do you stay motivated after a setback? How has music and sport played a role in your lives?

Panel includes:

Olivia LeeFreequency3 - Manchester rapper and former trampolinist/dancer

Shiraz Arif - Manchester-based bodybuilder

Dr Thomas Moors - NHS doctor and Director at Shout at Cancer charity and arts project Sound Voice

In our Sound and Stadiums panel series, join experts including Preeti Shetty (Director, Brentford FC), Rose Reilly (Scottish former professional footballer), Charlotte Harding (composer), Idle Women (Social Justice Collaborative) and more as we explore topics bringing together the worlds of music and sport. From the psychology behind crowds to how behind-the-scenes heroes make the magical moments happen, join engaging discussions delving deeper into areas of intersection, challenges and possibilities for the future.

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Each host city will host one live event during the tournament month of July. All events will be livestreamed with recordings made available online during July and August 2022. Visit our UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Cultural Programme page for a full list of dates, times, locations and topics, and to book your free tickets.

This panel series is being curated by Sound Voice on behalf of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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