RPO Player Ben Wolstenholme playing the double bass.
© Tim Lutton/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Double Bass

Originally from Manchester, Ben Wolstenholme discovered the double bass at the age of seventeen. Two years later, he was awarded a scholarship to study with Richard Lewis at Birmingham Conservatoire. After graduating, Ben’s busy freelancing career took him to London where, in 2017, he became a member of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

When not behind the double bass, Ben finds himself taking them apart. In 2021, following a three-year apprenticeship, Ben inherited the workshop of the late internationally renowned repairer, Roger Dawson. He enjoys a successful side career repairing basses and aims to make his own 'Wolstenholme' bass in the future.

Ben gratefully acknowledges the support of his Chair Partners, Jeff and Petra Hochman.

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