RPO Player Erik Chapman playing the violin in concert.
© Ben Wright

First Violin

A member of the RPO's First Violin section, Erik Chapman was born in Amarillo, Texas, and by the time he moved back there at the age of ten, he and his family had already moved seventeen times – he’s been travelling ever since!

Before arriving in London, he lived and worked in Dallas, New York City and Honolulu, playing with many different orchestras and other musical groups. In 2005, Erik was invited to join the World Orchestra for Peace. Performing only for special occasions, the Orchestra is comprised of players drawn from top ensembles around the world.

Most of Erik's work is based around classical music but many of his performance highlights involve working with a variety of other types of artists.

Erik gratefully acknowledges the support of his AFRPO Chair Partners, Barry and Lilia Bloom, and Corporate Chair Partner Strabens Hall.

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