Upcoming Events

Portrait photos of Isata Kanneh-Mason and Anu Tali with a 5 faint white circles overlaid
Thursday 22 September 7.30pm

Cadogan Hall
An artwork image showing the sun and hills with orange, pink and yellow colours
Sunday 2 October 7.30pm

Royal Festival Hall
An artwork image showing clouds, trees and lightening in dark grey and red colours
Sunday 23 October 3.00pm

Royal Albert Hall

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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra brought the soundworlds of generations of beloved games to the Royal Albert Hall on...
Thursday 16 June

The 2021-2022 season was a milestone for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Our first full season of concerts in London and...
Wednesday 8 June

In May 2022 the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra completed its first major European tour since the pandemic with ten...
Friday 27 May
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