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Relaxed Performance

Saturday 14 October 2023, 2.00pm
The Drum, Brent Civic Centre

Karen Ní Bhroin Conductor
Tim Steiner Presenter
Angie Newman BSL Interpreter

Musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Join musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for a playful, interactive introduction to orchestral music!

Featuring 25 musicians and internationally renowned presenter Tim Steiner performing a range of music in ways you’ve never imagined, this event is specially designed for people who may find traditional concerts challenging to attend, including adults and children with learning disabilities, movement disorders, sensory impairments, autistic spectrum disorder, dementia and other neurological conditions, or those with young children or babies.

Including interactive elements, close-up experiences of the musicians, BSL interpretation, Makaton singalong, and gentle sensory elements, this performance is Relaxed, so attendees are welcome to enjoy the concert without worry. There will be opportunities to sing, dance, move about or just listen as preferred, and ‘chill out’ spaces will be available for anyone needing some quiet time before re-entering the auditorium. At the end of the concert, optional post-concert activities will invite you to try your hand at a range of musical activities, led by the RPO musicians themselves.

Need to know:

  • Timeline for the day:
    • 1.15pm – 1.40pm: Sensory Introduction for audiences with sensory impairments (please book these as add-ons when registering your tickets for the main event)
    • 1.40pm – 2.00pm: Auditorium doors open, audience take seats
    • 2.00pm – c.2.50pm: Performance in Auditorium. Audiences are welcome to leave and return as required during the performance.
    • 2.50pm – 3.20pm: Optional post-concert activities in smaller audience groups
  • Audience members with vision or hearing impairments who would benefit from familiarisation visits are invited to join members of the Orchestra for a short (c20min) pre-concert sensory introduction from 1.15pm. Please book this as an 'add on' after you have put your tickets in the basket.
  • Seating will be spaced out between groups to allow for easy movement within your group, with your choice of floor seats (mats will be provided) or chairs. See the seating chart and example photographs below for more information, and please select which type of seating your group prefers when registering for tickets.
  • Social stories introducing the venue and the show will be shared in advance of performances to bookers via email.
  • Specific seats or spaces will be allocated on arrival, but the seating type you select when booking will be available.

Presented in partnership with Brent Council, with additional support provided by Arts Council England, Goodwin Plc, Marchus Trust and other generous donors.

Ticket information

All tickets for this performance will be allocated in your groups, have a look through the ticket types below to decide what is best for you: 

General admission - with or without a chair

Audiences are invited to choose the most comfortable seating option for their group. Mats will be provided for those wishing to spread out on the floor during the performance. If you would prefer to have a chair, please select 'General Admission - with a chair'.
Audience members in your group who have selected 'with a chair' will be seated together, and not with those members of your group who have selected 'no chair'.

These are the kind of chairs that will be available

Here is an image which shows you what the floor mats will look like. 

An image showing a small orchestra performing in the Brent Civic Centre Dome. There is a man who is the presenter talking to the audience. The audience are all looking at him. Some of the audience are sitting on chairs, some are on the floor on mats. The audience are young children and adults.

General admission - Wheelchair space

Please select a 'General Admission - Wheelchair Space' ticket for anyone in your group using a Wheelchair space and book the relevant ‘General admission’ tickets above for all other members.
We will still sit your party together.

British Sign Language Interpreter Seating

If anyone in your group would like to have a good view of the British Sign Language interpreter, please select 'BSL Interpreter Seating' tickets as an 'add on' for your whole group.
We will seat your group in good view of the BSL Interpreter, in your chosen seating type (floor, chair or wheelchair space).


Other optional extras: 

Sensory Introduction - 1.15pm

Audiences with hearing or vision impairments are invited to join members of the Orchestra for a short (c20min) sensory introduction to the musicians and instruments before the show.
Please book a free ticket for all members of your party who would like to join the introduction.