An image showing the Royal Albert Hall's auditorium, with a huge Organ behind the stage, an orchestra in front of it, and a flat stage for ballet dancing in front of the Orchestra.

For the past five years, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has taken time to understand people’s relationship with music – both avid music lovers as well as tomorrow’s potential audience for orchestral music – and to understand where the orchestral world fits in with their lives.

In 2020, when the world was in lockdown, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s report explored how audiences engaged with music when forced into new and unfamiliar ways of living. This report explores how these ways of living were embraced for the longer term.

We explore the power of music during COVID-19 restrictions, the return to the concert hall and challenges the industry faced during this time. We also look at inclusivity among audiences for orchestral music, examining different audiences’ views on classical music and how change might come about.

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