At its London home, Cadogan Hall, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) presents the Myths and Fairytales series, exploring the magical landscapes portrayed in a variety of spell-binding works by Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov and more.

Throughout Myths and Fairytales, curated, presented and conducted by Alexander Shelley, audience members will be able to learn more about the music through real-time programme notes on their chosen device, while connected to the venue’s WiFi, provided by our partners at Octava.

EnCue by Octava – enriching your concert experience

EnCue by Octava is a concert-enhancing app that delivers real-time programme notes to audiences’ mobile or tablet devices. Throughout a performance, EnCue aims to enrich the audience’s live listening experience by delivering information at the exact moment the action happens on stage.

First trialled in the US, EnCue aims to provide ‘a new level of concert engagement’ by delivering real-time programme notes during a live performance. Using Darkscreen™ Technology, the app is designed to deliver “glance optimised” information without distracting the viewer, or those around them, from the performance.

“EnCue by Octava is a unique app designed to help and assist the participant through a musical journey. We of course welcome all users, but the tone is specifically aimed towards new and potentially younger audiences, offering a real-time insight into the music being played live on stage by the Orchestra.”

Chris Evans, RPO Director of Press and Marketing

All EnCue seats are located in a dedicated seating area. To access these seats, use the links below and select 'BOOK ENCUE SEATS'.

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Introducing EnCue by Octava