Companies, individuals and families who are RPO Chair Partners build a strong engagement with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and its musicians by being associated with particular orchestral positions. If you have an affinity with any orchestral instrument, you can choose to have your name associated with that particular instrument in the RPO, get to know your partner musician and become part of the RPO family.

By supporting a position in the Orchestra, you will join an exclusive club of like-minded people who enjoy a close association with the RPO and its musicians. RPO Chair Partners can access an array of benefits, including complimentary tickets and private receptions. Most importantly, funds raised through the programme help underpin the Orchestra’s remarkable community and education programme, RPO Resound, which is one of the RPO’s key priorities.

Why become an RPO Chair Partner?

  • Entertain family and friends at RPO concerts and introduce them to your chosen musician and other members of the Orchestra
  • Enjoy a range of exclusive opportunities, including complimentary tickets for RPO own-promotion concerts and invitations to receptions
  • Become a part of the RPO family; know that your donation is helping the Orchestra achieve its artistic and outreach ambitions

For further information about the benefits you will receive as an RPO Chair Partner, download further details:

Download RPO Chair Partners details Download RPO Trusts & Foundations Chair Partners details 


RPO Chair Partners

Tutti First Violin (Joana Valentinaviciute) – Chair Partner: The Gabrán Family
Principal Second Violin (Andrew Storey) – Chair Partner: Peter and Jane Lumley
Tutti Second Violin (Jennifer Christie) – Chair Partner: Lou Whitehorn
Tutti Second Violin (Peter Graham) – Chair Partner: The Ericsson Family
Tutti Second Violin (Stephen Payne) – Chair Partner: Jonathan Warwick
Tutti Second Violin (Manuel Porta) – Chair Partner: The Gorin Halley Family
Tutti Second Violin (Sali-Wyn Ryan) – Chair Partner: Adam and Jane Warby
Principal Viola (Abigail Fenna) – Chair Partner: Nabil and Mai Habba
Tutti Viola  – Chair Partner: Saker Nusseibeh and Family
Tutti Viola (Esther Harling) – Chair Partner: David Curtin and Susan Cooksley
Tutti Viola (Ugne Tiškuté) – Chair Partner: Jo Whiterod
Co-Principal Cello (Jonathan Ayling) – Chair Partner: John Kelly-Jones
Tutti Cello (Roberto Sorrentino) – Chair Partner: Tim and Victoria Whiting
Tutti Cello (William Heggart) – Chair Partner: Martin and Liane McCourt
Tutti Cello (Naomi Watts) – Chair Partner: Nicholas and Caroline Bewes
Tutti Double Bass (Benjamin Cunningham) – Chair Partner: Naomi and Simon Venn 
Tutti Double Bass (Ben Wolstenholme) – Chair Partner: Jeff and Petra Hochman 
Principal Flute (Emer McDonough) – Chair Partner: Elio and Maria Leoni-Sceti
Sub-Principal Flute (Joanna Marsh) – Chair Partner: Sir Robert and Lady Wilson
Sub-Principal Oboe (Timothy Watts) – Chair Partner: Sir John and Lady Hood 
Principal Clarinet (Katherine Lacy) – Chair Partner: Richard and Geraldine Prosser
Sub-Principal Clarinet (Sonia Sielaff) – Chair Partner: Simon Hooper 
Principal Contrabassoon (Fraser Gordon) – Chair Partner: Peter and Sarah Harris
Sub-Principal French Horn (Kathryn Saunders) – Chair Partner: Charles and Monica Eve
Sub-Principal Trumpet (Adam Wright) – Chair Partner: Anne Fergusson
Co-Principal Trombone (Matthew Knight) – Chair Partner: The Lumley family in memory of Henry and Sheena Lumley
Co-Principal Percussion (Martin Owens) – Chair Partner: Gillian May King 

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