Know the Score®

Know the Score® is a world-class leadership programme targeted at businesses and organisations looking to develop high-performing teams. 

Using the symphony orchestra as an example of a diverse, collaborative and high-performing team, Know the Score immerses participants inside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Sitting onstage and amongst the musicians, participants experience first-hand how the Orchestra achieves such high-levels of performance and the role of leadership in the process. The experience is unparalleled in leadership development. Participants leave not only having one of the most incredible experiences of their lives, but, more importantly, armed with a wealth of insights and knowledge they can start to apply in their own context. They are coached and supported for up to twelve months to fully unpack and embed the learning in their own businesses. 

Know the Score is led by the leadership development firm Moving Performance, who are pioneering a new approach to people engagement and development using the power of music. Their success lies in their expert knowledge of both the commercial and musical worlds and their ability to bring the two together in relevant, inspiring interventions. Moving Performance and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra have partnered since 2011 and are proud to have created the UK's first and only corporate leadership programme that uses a leading symphony orchestra. 

Watch the Know the Score® Showreel.

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Moving Performance

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