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Alleviate the boredom of social distancing and get to know the RPO’s musicians with the Orchestra’s own take on a popular card game.

Orchestral Scores introduces you to twenty of our musicians. Who gets to play all the singable melodies and great solos? Who has the hardest job transporting their instrument around? And who gets to sit closest to the conductor's podium? Both Set One and Set Two are available in full – click on the links below to download and play with your friends and family!

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With concerts currently suspended, for the time being, we want to keep music-making alive in these difficult times. Some of our players are taking the opportunity to record music from their homes, as Principal Flute Emer McDonough plays a beautiful rendition of Danny Boy she recorded on St Patrick’s Day.

Keep an eye out for all the #RPOatHome activity we’ll be posting online in the coming weeks!

USA Tour Part 2 by RPO Principal Timpani Matt Perry


 January 20 was changeover day. After a splendid series of concerts with Mark Wigglesworth on the east coast and down into Florida we said goodbye to several of our colleagues and headed west for the second half of the tour. Pinchas Zukerman was taking over the helm with a new programme, but before we embarked on those final seven concerts in as many days there was the travel day (with a 5 hour+ flight one is reminded just how big the USA is) and the rare luxury of a free day to enjoy; a chance to relax and recharge the batteries a bit.

USA Tour Part 1 by RPO First Violinist Sophie Mather


I'm writing this on the way to West Palm Beach for the final concert of the first leg of our epic 3-week US tour. This tour is particularly exciting for me as it is my first long US tour as a member of the RPO first violin section, and I’ve had a brilliant time so far, performing in some great places and spending time with the lovely people of the RPO. The rehearsals at Henry Wood Hall at the beginning of January seem so long ago and it is really amazing just how much the orchestra has managed to pack into the tour so far!

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