In Conversation With... Trumpeter Adam Wright

An image of RPO trumpeter Adam Wright

Amongst delivering many other virtual projects this spring, RPO Resound was thrilled deliver an in-person project at Phoenix Arch School in Brent with a team of RPO musicians. Read what trumpet player Adam Wright (pictured above at a pre-Covid-19 RPO Resound project) had to say about the rush of being back in the room with participants.

'We've all learnt to find pleasure in much simpler pursuits'

Sali-Wyn Ryan (Second Violin and RPO Board member) tells us about her lockdown highs, lows and hopes for the future in this month's player blog.

"As we tentatively creep out of yet another lockdown, and dare to hope that our lives can start to return to being even a little bit ‘normal’, it is an interesting time to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year. When I say highs, I mostly mean that indescribable sense of achievement at finding a Sainsbury’s delivery slot or a forgotten £20 note in a drawer! It’s perhaps not quite comparable with the final movement of Mahler’s Second Symphony but, let’s face it, during the last year we have all learnt to lower our expectations and find pleasure in much simpler pursuits.

'Audiences play such a huge part in the magic of a concert'

A photo of RPO Chair and Double Bassist Benn Cunngingham

Want to know more about life in lockdown for our players, artists and staff?

In this month’s instalment of our 'In Conversation With...' series, we are thrilled to be joined by RPO Chair and Double Bassist, Benjamin Cunningham (pictured above, right), for an exclusive insight into what lockdown living has looked like for him.

'I really miss the camaraderie of the Orchestra'


Want to know more about life in lockdown for our players? Join RPO cellist Roberto Sorrentino for a little insight into what the past ten months have looked like for him:

“When our incredibly busy schedule suddenly stopped last March, it gave us all a huge amount of extra time and the opportunity to reflect on our hectic lifestyles as musicians – for me, all the extra time has actually felt like a bit of a luxury. Having said that, I really miss the incredible sound of the Orchestra, playing alongside such amazing musicians, and all the camaraderie that brings.