'I really miss the camaraderie of the Orchestra'


Want to know more about life in lockdown for our players? Join RPO cellist Roberto Sorrentino for a little insight into what the past ten months have looked like for him:

“When our incredibly busy schedule suddenly stopped last March, it gave us all a huge amount of extra time and the opportunity to reflect on our hectic lifestyles as musicians – for me, all the extra time has actually felt like a bit of a luxury. Having said that, I really miss the incredible sound of the Orchestra, playing alongside such amazing musicians, and all the camaraderie that brings.

"I’ve been reading more than ever, walking a lot, cooking, learning some history, and gardening too – I’d really like to be able to continue these pursuits when things return to normal. I’ve also been practising alot of Bach, in particular his Cello Suites, which I’ve been playing every day. They are great for one’s technique, not to mention the music is incredible – it’s really kept me going.

"I've kept in touch with some of my colleagues via Zoom and Chantal Webster (who took this photo of me at last year’s Melody Gardot sessions at Abbey Road) has been great at initiating catch-ups with the rest of our cello section. When restrictions permitted, I managed to get together with some players to practise some wonderful chamber music – those days have been great for the soul.

“I’ve been looking back through old photos and reminiscing about RPO tours to Egypt, Jamaica, Mexico, to name but a few – hopefully these times will return. What I’m most looking forward to is playing some Mahler, and with our Music Director Vasily Petrenko, so when we can finally perform our rescheduled Mahler series at the Royal Albert Hall, it will feel even more special.”


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