Play Orchestral Scores


Alleviate the boredom of social distancing and get to know the RPO’s musicians with the Orchestra’s own take on a popular card game.

Orchestral Scores introduces you to twenty of our musicians. Who gets to play all the singable melodies and great solos? Who has the hardest job transporting their instrument around? And who gets to sit closest to the conductor's podium? Both Set One and Set Two are available in full – click on the links below to download and play with your friends and family!

Like, share (with #RPOatHome) and collect our unique Orchestral Scores cards via our our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Comment on our rankings and compare each card against each other on five key categories to see which players top the bill. Download them all to your device to play with friends and family! 

See the instructions card above. Remember: If your card has a higher score for that category, you win your opponent’s card. The player with the most cards wins. 

Download the PDF of the first set of ten cards here.

Download Cards

Download the PDF of the second set of ten cards here.

Download Cards




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