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RPO double basses thank the nation’s key workers


The RPO’s double bass players perform a beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow 🌈 in the latest video in the #RPOatHome series.

Try the Philharmonic Workout at Home

Eaten one too many chocolate eggs this Easter? Give your lockdown exercise an orchestral kick and try the RPO Philharmonic Workout with Nicholas Allen, son of Co-Principal Trumpet Mike Allen.

Feel the burn with a twenty-minute fitness routine you can do from the comfort of your own home, set to heart-pumping music recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Alleviate the boredom of social distancing and get to know the RPO’s musicians with the Orchestra’s own take on a popular card game.

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RPO at Home

The RPO at Home section is aimed at keeping music alive. 

Our earlier Blog posts also offer a musician’s-view of orchestral life. Join us as we chart the highs (and occasional lows) of our weird and wonderful lifestyle in this orchestra we all love, the RPO.

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