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Introduction to EnCue

EnCue is an easy-to-use app that enhances your live concert experience. The app delivers programme notes in real time during the concert, allowing you to gain a deeper insights into the music, composer and artists on stage!

Here is how it works
After you download the app, EnCue silently delivers specially-written programme notes that appear in sync with the live performance. No need to keep track of where you are in a printed programme - this app will help you engage with music as its happening. EnCue helps provide better insights into the performance that you don’t get in most live concerts.

Your experience
You can comfortably use EnCue without distracting yourself or others as the app has been tested extensively by its developers and their Custom Dark Screen Technology™ and Glance-Optimized Media™ reduces the glare from the screen. The app has been tested with light settings as they are in a concert, and so the light from the screen is not immediately noticeable from either the stage or the seats around you.

We understand that you may be a bit anxious about using your phone during a concert, and that it may be tempting to start using your phone for other purposes. However, EnCue users have given feedback saying that using the app is an engaging experience and they are not tempted to look at any other apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The notes will also be available to read in the app for a while after the concert, and the app gives you the option for the notes to be sent to your email address later.
Though we encourage our audience to use EnCue, we would like to reaffirm that smart phones are not permitted for use for the purposes of video recording, audio recording or photography at any time.

Give feedback
We value people’s feedback in their experience using EnCue, and we want to know whether it works for you. You can let us know your thoughts using our Contact page or fill in the survey using the link given after the notes for each concert.
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