What to expect at your first orchestral concert at The Hawth, Crawley

Are you thinking about attending an orchestral concert at The Hawth for the first time, but you're not quite sure what to expect? There are a lot of misconceptions about orchestral music that can be off-putting, so we have pulled together a quick, myth-busting guide to put your mind at ease. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to call the friendly box office at The Hawth, 01293 553636

Myth 1 | The tickets are expensive.

If you’ve never been to a classical concert at The Hawth before, you can experience the thrill of orchestral music for the introductory price of just £12. That is about the same cost as a trip to the cinema, and just as fun!

Myth 2 | The concerts are long.
Nearly all orchestral concerts have an interval in the middle, which gives you the chance to stretch your legs, grab a drink and talk to your friends about what images came to your mind during the performance.

Myth 3 | There are lots of rules about when I’m supposed to clap.

Clap whenever you feel moved. There are over eighty of the finest musicians playing their hearts out just for you, and your applause means everything to them. When in doubt, wait for others around you to clap and join in!

Myth 4 | I’ll have to wear an evening gown or tuxedo to get in.

It's true you may see some people in evening wear, but you'll also see jeans and trainers and everything in between! We invite you to dress comfortably, because, after all, we're all here to enjoy a great music performance.

Myth 5 | I’ll need a degree in music to appreciate it

You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to enjoy a fine meal! You don't need to know the music on the programme to have a meaningful experience. If you prefer a little more guidance, we encourage you to read through the concert programme before the concert.

Myth 6 | Orchestral music is just for rich, old people.

Great music touches all of us, from all ages and backgrounds. One of the best things about orchestral music is that there is a piece for every occasion and every emotion from romantic tender pieces to loud, bombastic works! The Hawth's resident orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is a charity which aims to serve all segments of the population, particularly through the Resound community and education project and through partnerships with local music organisations such as West Sussex Music.

Myth 7 | Orchestral music is boring

Orchestral music is a broad term that includes symphonies from the nineteenth century to the Imperial March from Star Wars®, and everything in-between. Open yourself up to the music. Let it stir memories and emotions. Listen out for the rhythms, watch the musicians and the conductor, and see how they interact with each other and guide you on a musical journey. You’ll probably recognise a lot of the pieces from TV adverts and films too!

Check out The Hawth website for the a complete listing of RPO concerts in Crawley 

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