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RPO resound is one of the most diverse community and education programmes in the UK.

In 1993, the RPO was the first London Orchestra to establish a Community and Education Department. Since its inception, musicians from the Orchestra have delivered hundreds of pioneering projects, allowing the RPO to gain an unrivalled reputation for its work in many community settings. 2008 saw the rebranding of the department into RPO resound, but the work we do continues based on the same ideology.

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Greenhill Aphasia Group December 2012
Jamaica September 2012 (c) Marlon James
World Orchestra Project 2012 (c) Bill Hiskett

RPO resound has the following aims:

To promote music education in the broadest sense through artistically driven projects

To promote opportunities for all members of the community to participate in music projects regardless of age, sex, religion or ethnic background

To provide access for people to hear and participate with musicians from a world-class musical organisation

To explore a diverse range of musical genres

To bring our collective expertise to any situation; not just into formal educational establishments but also to the wider community and other challenging social situations

To forge partnerships within the community to create jointly-owned projects

To promote cross art-form collaborations and cross-curricular interaction

With an emphasis on broadening access to and engagement with world-class music-making, RPO resound is unique in the breadth and range of participant groups with which we work from homeless shelters to hospices, youth clubs to prisons and from children at risk to secondary education.

No two RPO resound projects are ever the same. Each project is bespoke and designed in collaboration with our partners to match the needs of each specific participant group. By delivering innovative community projects, RPO resound hope to have a wider impact than that of the Orchestra from the concert platform alone.

Each and every project only involves musicians from the RPO, ensuring that the quality of the project is never compromised.

RPO resound team:

Ruth Currie (Head of Community and Education), Sophie Plumb (Community and Education Coordinator), Lisa Rodio (Community and Education Coordinator) and, of course, our fantastic RPO resound musicians.

If you would like any further information about the work we do, or to be put onto our mailing list, please email us or call us on 020 7608 8800.