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Janina Fialkowska performs Chopin in Leeds
Saturday 26 January 2013 7.00pm
Leeds Town Hall, Leeds
CONDUCTOR - Fabien Gabel
Piano - Janina Fialkowska
£31.50, £29, £26.50, £21, £16, £12.50

BRAHMS Tragic Overture

CHOPIN Piano Concerto No.2

BEETHOVEN Symphony No.6, 'Pastoral'

Brahms composed his Tragic Overture while on holiday in 1880, writing that 'I could not refuse my melancholy nature the satisfaction of composing an overture for a tragedy'. Whether or not Brahms had a particular tragedy in mind remains a mystery, but the Overture encompasses imposing, turbulent ideas, poignant lyricism and memorable rhythms. Chopinís Piano Concerto No.2 boasts one of his best-loved movements, the irresistibly romantic Larghetto, framed by an animated, intricate opening movement and a lively finale in the style of Polish folk-music. Beethovenís expansive ĎPastoralí Symphony is a magnificent mixture of charm and innovation, brimming with evocative melodies which create a vivid impression of the countryside in all its majesty.

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